•  “One of the greatest benefits of my HBA experience has been getting to know other builders. Builders that I had simply considered competitors became friends and peers. I learned that each of our companies has its own brand, product, and process – and even though we may sometimes work to earn the business of a client, we all do better working together as an industry rather than strictly competitively."

    - Mike Payne

    Vice President, Payne & Payne Builders

    2015 HBA President  


  •  “Joining the HBA in 2007 has single handedly been the best thing I have done for my company on both a professional and personal level. The interaction with quality Associate Members and peer Builder Members give a local area builder, as myself, the education and professional development that is necessary to compete in the ever changing housing market."

    Ted Otero


    Otero Signature Homes LLC

    2017 HBA President 

  •  “My years of involvement at the Cleveland HBA were not only beneficial in enhancing my business profile, but I have found the real benefit is giving back to an industry that is so vital. The relationships that I have made through my years at the HBA are priceless. It was very rewarding to know that you can compete with each other on a healthy level during the week, and work with those same professional builders with an organization like the HBA.”

    Enzo Perfetto

    Enzoco Homes, Manager 

  • “I can directly relate my accomplishments as a builder to being actively involved on my HBA Association Board. Networking with the best of the best taught me immeasurably and exposed me to the most successful builders in Northeast Ohio.”

    Al Scott, Retired

    NRP, HBA Past President, OHBA Past President

  • "As a 3rd generation home builder and the 10th member of the Puzzitiello family to be a President of a Homebuilders Association, there is no doubt the benefits that we have received heavily outweigh the time commitment that is needed to help serve this Association."

    Ryan Puzzitiello

    Parkview Homes

    2016 HBA President 


  • “Becoming active in the HBA of Greater Cleveland was a way for me to give back to an industry that has been very good to my family. Effecting change in our industry has become a daily pursuit for me. The HBA gave me the platform and support to do that."

    Chris Tsonton

    Pepperwood Homes

    2011 HBA President  

  • “Serving in a leadership role with your local HBA gives you the opportunity to grow personally and professionally: the opportunities for increased knowledge benefit your business: participating in award and show programs keeps you on the cutting edge of design and sales; attending events and being active deepens your network of business, government and industry contacts and taking a leadership role provides you the opportunity to serve your industry while honing your interpersonal, presentation and leadership skills. All of these result in an improved bottom line for you and better products and services for your customers.”

    William Sanderson

    2016 OHBA President

    Ohio Home Builders Association and HBA Past President